digital marketing

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving due to the evolution of social media channels.

Keeping up to date with social media marketing requires full time attention. It doesn't however, always require a full time staff member. Out-sourcing your social media marketing can be a cost effective way to achieve professional results.  


How we can help

Each company we work with has different requirements.  Some businesses only require a clear strategy to follow, and staff training.



Development of a social media marketing strategy.

We take into account your objectives, and who you want to reach, and come back with an action plan on how to achieve it.

We can train your staff on how to implement the action plan so you can do it in-house, or we can manage it for you.



We develop your social media strategy and implement it. We can do this remotely.  The campaigns are measurable, we report all results back.  We have limited spaces at any time for this.



Give us a call if you need advice on a specific objective such as:

  • A product launch
  • Increase sales
  • Reach new markets
  • Publicise an event
  • Promotion or giveaway

We can assist you with campaigns at any time, on an ad hoc basis.



Make your Facebook page stand out from the rest with a video cover and professional attention grabbing graphics.  

It's not just about what you post on social media, it's also about how you post it.  We design professional graphics that get more views.  


You know your business and marketing objectives. We know social media marketing. 

Whether you're trying to raise awareness of your business, brand or product, promote an event, increase sales or reach new markets, we give you an action plan on the best ways to meet those objectives using social media.



Minsi Design is managing the digital marketing for Explore Waimate District, a Council funded project. We developed the brand, and launched the website and marketing in December 2017.

Our objective was to package everything there was to do in the District and put it in a user friendly website, and then use social media to market it.

Social media management is about creating great content, and then using social media to target the right people. We use Instagram and Facebook to target domestic and international visitors.

All content including video is created in-house. This sets us apart from other managers, we have the ability to create all content without having to contract third parties.

The results are really encouraging, the District had a 26% increase in visitor spend in April according to MBIE figures.

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